Monday, August 1, 2016

Second to last Transfer!

Things are going well in my area. we are working hard and I am getting a new companion. Elder Forrest will be training in another Zone and Ignacio Mejia Zone (My current zone) will be a district of another zone- so I won't be a zone leader anymore- but I'll have the whole old zone in my district- so my responsabilities won't change at all because I'll still be in charge of the District (District is both a missionary organization of like 4-10 missionaries and the word is also used to describe a "stake" of many branches instead of wards) So I'll be the leader of the missionary district of 8 and I will have to communicate with the Branch Presidents and give a report to the District President of the "stake district." I hope that that made sense 
Anyway- We have to get going. I am going to meet up with Elder Iglesias- my new comp- I also have to prepare him to basically do Zone leader stuff as a district leader for when he is the district leader.
Anyway, I love you guys!
-Elder Dazey

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