Sunday, June 26, 2016

All about my new location- letter from 6/20/16

It's really cool! There are little stores here- but basically no big businesses. Everyone's house are very puebloish and there are spaces between houses and we ride trucks to get to other pueblitos. I didn't get sick because of the area- although I did go to the doctor. I thought I had a hernia but I didn't- all is good- just a muscle inflamtion. Also I fainted while I was planning with my companion- like that one time in high school. But I'm fine :D

His name is Elder Forrest. We have a lot in common. He's a really cool guy :D My area is called Teotitlán and IS in Oaxaca. Our mission has part of the state of Oaxaca in it. The people are nice here. Their accents are a little different. It's not that weird being far away. Church was good. We have a medium sized branch. Our investigator pool is really nice. There is a little girl getting baptized on tuesday (She is 8- but her parents are less active so we are just helping her get baptized) Dario will get baptized sunday once he's not living with his girlfriend. And Luis- who I haven't met yet- is 13 and will get baptized on Saturday. My companion only has one transfer here. The building is a normal mexican church building- just a smaller one. Our house is really nice compared to everyone elses.
I probably wouldn't let them play League of Legends if I were you. It's just like that game I used to play that had like 45 minute long games and it is SUPER ADDICTIVE. Like World of Warcraft level addictiveness.

   Thanks Mom. I'll work hard. Thanks for everything. You guys are the best.
Elder Dazey

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