Monday, January 11, 2016

Learning And Teaching-All is Good!

Everything is going good. We have a lot of new families we are working with. We had a really cool, spiritual lesson with a family we found last night. I've been studying with my patriarchal blessing once a week- so I've received some personal revelation recently. I did an interview a week ago and I was interviewed this last Tuesday by The Mission President. To answer your question, we actually eat lunch every day with members but rarely dinner- It's different than the states, but we eat a late lunch. We make breakfast and dinner-but no one goes back to the house for dinner-we just eat if we are hungry after we do calls at night.
New Years was cool. We ate with a family (lunch and Dinner) It was good  :D They gave us muffins and peanut butter XD We did work. There is probably less crime here than in Winston- although you might be more likely to be mugged.
   Tell Pappap that I love him.
 Well, Elder Cook had a good idea last night-he talked about some of the things we did as district leaders that we can now do with the district leaders as zone leaders to get them moving. We will be helping them out a lot more. We were going to do divisions with them this week, but I got sick and it was kinda hard-luckily I'm over it and we'll help them out a lot more this week. Oh- can you guys send me some money? I want to buy some vitamins and some healthier food. 
   We have been working our butties off. We just need to get some people to baptism. My interview was cool this week. President helped me know how to help the Zone. it was good. Anyway, I love you guys!

-Elder Dazey

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