Friday, January 22, 2016

Being mediators is sometimes part of the calling

You asked about my Interview with the Mission President- It was about helping the district leaders work better and getting the zone to work well too. We've seen some big changes in some companionships. I told you that we had to do a companionship inventory the other week with the Sister training leaders because they fought right? There was a little scuffle with the sisters and we had to go into a house with 4 sister missionaries and be mediators-something Elders normally aren't allowed to do for sisters. It was kinda cool. Well now they had emergency changes and we are our zones leaders- and we are also now the sister training leaders :D without skirts. There should be some new ones called in a few weeks.

To answer your question about what I was sick with, it was a stomach thing-It only lasted a day, and we all got shots this week- so hopefully we'll be doing fine :D
We have been doing a lot of good work and we now have 5 new investigators and 5 baptismal dates!
There were a lot of awesome lessons this week and a whole family showed up a bit late to church! It was awesome!
To answer Aaron’s question, The only snow we see is just snow on the volcano, but it does get cold.
Tell everyone I love them! Sorry I don't have much time to write!
Elder Dazey

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