Monday, January 19, 2015

The Next Step- Becoming a trainer!

Our Zone Activity last week was a bunch of sports and cake. I bore my testimony the first week I was here, and I was supposed to talk yesterday, but the Temple President from Oaxaca came to speak. It was awesome. I feel that you guys worry too much about my Spanish :D I'm definitely not one of those "You give the lesson and I'll bear my testimony" kind of missionaries XD. I've been blessed with a lot of capacity in Spanish and the Gift of Tongues. I ALWAYS TOLD YOU ALL THAT I WOULD BE PREGNANT. My little bundle of joy comes tomorrow :D I'll be finishing my training tomorrow, and I will be training a new missionary starting tomorrow. BIG DAY. Could be anyone. All I know is that I'll be in my first area for 6 months if nothing changes before the end of training. Also, Elder Sosa will be leaving. The other two Elders in my district are also going, so half of my district will change, including my companion. I feel ready to train. I feel good. I want to be a good leader. I want to help this Elder, and I want to show him a lot of love. I will learn a lot from training. I had a dream a week before I got the call that I would train, and that it would be a thin Mexican that likes soccer. (Who knows if the second half will come true) I'm really excited. I want to help him be a leader, and help him to change the culture of our mission for the better. I went to a trainer training meeting, and my companion from the MTC, and another Elder that came in at the same time as us will train. It is rare but possible to train after your training. Training is meant to prepare us to be able to train. There were also 2 other Elders that only have 6 more weeks in the mission than us 3 do. Pretty crazy. I learned a lot about the kind of missionary I want to be, and how I can help this new missionary. Hopefully I will change a lot from this experience. I’ll send you the picture of our 4 generation family of Elders. (The person you train is commonly called your son, thus making a family) I want to share some things that I learned from President Atkinson, the president of the Oaxaca temple. He spoke about the story of Moses and the people of God, and how they were bitten by snakes, but that God gave them the way to be healed. They only needed to look to be healed. He explained how this is an example of the Atonement. He did not stop the snakes from biting them, but he did give them a way to be healed. The bites of the serpents are a symbol of sin. God knew we would sin, but he didn't stop the temptation, he didn't keep us from sinning. However, he gave us a way to overcome. He gave us the atonement. He gave us Christ. Christ is lke the staff. He shared D and C 109:5 which explains the purpose of temples. We go to feel the presence of Christ. We go to FEEL the presence of our SAVIOR and Redeemer. We can feel his presence, as well as communicate with our ancestors. He challenged us. He asked us how many times we would go. He explained that he has never seen a couple that went every week to the temple together that divorced. He explained that the more often he goes to the temple, the more he feels like he is 17 and absolutely in love with his wife. HOW MANY TIMES WILL YOU GO? He explained that our preperation should start today. If we set a goal for when we will enter the temple, we will have the help of the angels of heaven. If not, we cannot have that divine assistance that we need. WHAT IS YOUR GOAL? I Invite You: If you are not worthy, get worthy. Set the goal now. If you have financial problems, start saving and set a goal. If you are not a member, get baptized, and set a goal to go to the temple. You will see innumerable blessings in your life and in the lives of your family members. I share these words in the sacred name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, Amen. Love, Elder Dazey

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