Sunday, April 3, 2016

Learning the Atonement of Christ

We had a lesson with a new family that we are teaching and we put some baptismal dates with them. 
    They didn't even talk about Easter in church. I actually heard no one say anything about Easter. I find it pretty strange :( I gave a talk on the Atonement. 
Well, we are working a lot more with the members. We didn't have a lot of lessons this week with investigators- but hopefully this next week we will.
   We'll be praying and working hard. I'm glad that I am still in this area. Elder French and I are getting along well. I'm glad that I can keep going here. Hopefully everything keeps going well.

I love to get to know Christ on my mission. I've seen how he is through others and how he acts through me. He's helped me change-many times-with many things-big and little. I hope that you have all been able to see the power of the atonement working every day in your lives. My talk was about how the Atonement strengthens us. I imagine the atonement is in a certain way- that he appears in our spot right when we were about to sin- and although the temptation is hard-he doesn't sin. He lived and felt ever temptation- every addiction- every contentious argument- he felt and overcame the hardest situation- the same situation where we sin- and then that knowledge reaches through the eternities to us in the very moment when it is actually happening. He reaches out and tells us through the spirit what we have to do-how to overcome- because he already did it- almost 2000 years ago. He knows what it's like. He knows what to do because he did it- because he took on every situation- there is no human weakness that he has not felt- no sin that was not presented before him to be committed. He suffered it all. It is just on us to use what he has given. How often will you do it?

I hope that this Easter has been beautiful for you- I hope that everyone has felt his spirit and put new goals to become more like him- more like he who took on every burden.
I love you guys.

-Elder Dazey

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